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Testimonials About Annette Lang

"It was clear and to the point, and just the right amount of science vs. laymenís terminology".

- M.W.

"Great instructor, kept my attention throughout the class".

- C.H.

"Loved Annetteís attitude. You really kept the course focused and interactive. It wasnít just absorbing knowledge; it was reflecting a professional, caring and supportive attitude to the changes in a pregnant woman".

- K.W.

"Annette was so energetic and she really had a lot of information".

- E.M.

"Annette Lang is a great teacher. This course is only the second course I hav attended but I am certain there are more to come".

- J.M.

"Iím confident that Annetteís workshop has given me the knowledge and practical tools in order to help potential pregnant clients maintain health, wellness and fitness, as well as avoiding injury and to recover after childbirth".

- M.M.

"I highly recommend the course. There is plenty of transferrable information for general personal training as well as pre post pregnancy".

- M.N.

"Annette is very personable and delivered what can be sensitive material in an easy, relaxed way".

- A.P.

"The content was really good, the presenter was clear and entertaining and fun and not pedantic, and I learned things that will make me a more complete personal trainer".

- J.P.

"Just wanted to thank you for the great Integrated Stretch Workshop last Saturday @ BSC in Boston. My team and I had such a fun time and we learned a great deal from you. This is my second workshop with you that I have truly enjoyed, thank you. I have been using the techniques you taught and it feels sooo good to see how well it works. My clients are loving it! I'm proud to say I passed the test today and will continue with my success".

- J.D.

I still use the stretching techniques that I learned in one of your clinics back in 2001!"

- J.P.

"This was a great class. Annette was very thorough and precise with all examples, demos, and teachings. She makes it easy to understand."

- David Forrette

"Annette was fabulous, she was so easy to understand. She brought it down to laymenís terms that we could understand. She is an asset to this convention. She is humble, although her knowledge is great."

"Best thing Iíve done today!"

"This was great! Very practical and a good test of my understanding."

"Annette, I loved your creative and fun ideas to integrate core and pelvic/shoulder girdle stability and mobility into a comprehensive workout. I will use your info today with my physical therapy and post-rehab clients!"

- Sheila Schneider

"Amazing instructor!"

- Meryl Joseph

"Annette, youíre magnificent."

- Barbara Reese

"Thank you for presenting the keynote address "Strategies for Behavior Change" at the NEHRSA/NSCA Maximizing Personal Training Success Conference last week. You are such an engaging speaker... your presentation was fantastic! Youíve got a great sense of humor and Iím sure your clients all look forward to spending time with you during their training sessions!"

- Jan Woodman

"Absolutely loved the fact that questions were encouraged, and answered with clarity. I now feel prepared and confident in working with a pregnant client."

- Heidi Schnappauf

"Annette, I don't know if Tammy ever emailed you but we had our final UFPA (Utah Fitness Professionals Association) board meeting in December and your trainings were RAVED about and you are credited with assisting us turn the organization around. I just want you to know how fabulous you are and how much you helped us out."

- Marci Rumel

"Iíve always heard so much about Annette Lang and once again Iíve had the chance to experience her teaching and it just gets better. Iím always motivated by her to learn and know more."

- Dondra Sampson

"That was the best workshop Iíve taken in a long time!"

- Babs Caramico

"I enjoyed the knowledge and easy going manner in which it was presented by the instructor. I was impressed without feeling intimidated. It made me want to learn more and reinvigorate my interest in the body."

- Lise Fisher

"Annette is a very dynamic individual who teaches the information well and describes how to apply it in a real life situation."

- Katie Peterson

"I would just like to thank you for your tremendous job of teaching. I realize that most people usually only comment when then are unhappy or disappointed, so I make it a point to let people know when then have done an outstanding job. You are a great instructor/teacher; you keep the class motivated and interested. Your knowledge of health, fitness and behavior modification is awesome. I have taken 6 of your classes at the Sawmill Club in Mt Kisco NY and have not once been disappointed. I am always amazed at how quickly the time goes by during all of your classes. You manage to interact well with each person, while including all participate in the class.

Since taking your class I have greatly improved my self-worth as a personal trainer. I have been able to help so many people with the flexibility training and RNT. I did one of the RNT case studies on myself and after having three-knee surgeries I had not been able to sit down on my heels by bending my knees. I now can. I tell my clients that I have used RNT and recommend that they commit to 10 weeks of the assigned exercises and not one person has been disappointed; they have all seen an improvement. I just recently completed the Sales and Marketing class and I have already managed to recruit two new clients. Your suggestions and ideas have been very helpful and profitable to me, as well as, to the members at Sportsplex of Bethel."

- Susan MacMullan, Sportsplex of Bethel, CT

"Annette Lang is currently the best workshop presenter in the industry. Annette is part of a very small group of educators making huge strides to increase the educational and professional level of trainers. Because of Annette's hands-on, interactive teaching style, trainers leave her workshops instantly better, especially with regards to program design and sales skills. Annette workshops not only educate trainers, she also gives them hands-on skills they can use immediately. Within one week of Annette's flexibility workshop, more than 50% of our trainers reported additional sales because of their new skills. Their confidence and enthusiasm levels soared. The training quality improved tremendously each time we had Annette in for a workshop. I become a better trainer, a better professional, a better person each time I get to be around Annette Lang."

- Karen Kirby; Director of Operations; San Antonio Racquetball & Fitness; San Antonio, TX

"I personally believe that Annette Lang's synergy of professionalism, integrity, compassion and transfer of practical information, makes her an incredibly valuable resource for fitness pros."

- Robert Cappuccio, NASM

"It was a pleasure to finally see Annette in person. She truly is what her reputation endorsed. Spend more time on an integral part of a natural training progression."

- Paul Lubicz, Topnotch Health Clubs U.K.

"I know some time has passed since the IDEA Personal Trainer convention back in February, but I wanted to write and tell you how enjoyable and practical your presentation and information were (So Many Choices!). I respected the manner in which you presented it and your humbleness, even at your level of experience and advanced education. Since that time I have had the pleasure of reading more of your articles and training philosophies and simply wanted to send you a little note and thank you for you continued contribution to our industry."

- Randall Broderdorf, TAKE ACTION! Fitness Training & Education