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Education Systems Workshops
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This program is the enhanced version of the basic workshop Annette Lang has been teaching throughout the US and abroad since 1995. It is one of the most valuable programs in terms of specialized expertise and increasing revenue for the trainer and health club.

This program is the enhanced version of one of Annette's most requested workshops the last 14 years. Pregnant clients make up a special population that you will certainly encounter at some point in your personal training career.

It's difficult to do, or go anywhere without being asked, or told about the "experience" you had, or will have. We as fitness professionals have been providing experiences for our members, clients, and participants for years. Do we however, truly appreciate what this concept means? "Experience" Annette's insight for the fitness professional -- with input from the Design profession.

Integrated Stretching has been the most requested workshop for the last 8 years. It is a comprehensive, practical course that covers upper and lower body assessments, and many hours of practice using contract-relax stretching protocol. It will contribute to your bottom line by enhancing your personal training expertise, enabling you to offer a well rounded program.

This program starts with the research of spine stabilization and the rationale for core training in the personal training or group fitness program. You will learn exercises to re-establish proper firing sequences, progressing from foundational movements to more integrated challenges.

Core Training:
Level II

This program builds upon the foundations set in the initial program Core Training: From Science to Practice. Assessments of strength, stability and mobility will be explored, as well as progressions to challenge core stability along all planes of motion. This workshop is set up for 4 hours, although can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Sales Training:
the Practical
and the Real

Personal trainers say “I don’t want to sell, I just want to help people”. This practical workshop helps the trainer to develop and enhance crucial communication skills in order to develop rapport with the potential client, and to better explain the benefits of working with him or her. The trainers will role play situations in order to feel more comfortable talking about money; and practice scenarios to increase personal self esteem and self worth. Finally, the trainer will be coached in establishing professional income goals in order to motivate towards success. This program is designed for 4 hours, but can be adapted to fit your individual needs.

A lecture/workshop that teaches trainers about basic theories of behavior change, and how they affect the client's success. The trainer will learn practical applications of classic theories including the Health Belief Model, Locus of Control, and Stages of Adoption.

A workshop that focuses on the physiological, biomechanical changes of a pregnant client, and how that relates to the design of a training program or group fitness class. Focus is given to any medical guidelines that directly affect program design.

Basic Post Rehab and Joint Integrity/ Protection

Learn specific training techniques and guidelines for post rehabilitation, joint integrity and injury protection for the shoulder, back, knee, and ankle. You will learn: basic principles that can lead to potential disorders; exercises that protect the integrity, stability and strength of the joint/area; exercises that are part of current post-rehabilitation programs.

Flexibility Basics

An introductory static flexibility course for trainers. Basic concepts of assessment, stretching and flexibility definitions are introduced. Terms such as endpoint, PNF, CRAC, and AI are introduced. Also a great primer for the Foundations of Flexibility Training workshop series.

Practical Applications for Strength Training

Taking anatomy, physiology onto the exercise floor and examining movements through the eyes of muscle fiber direction, line of resistance and efficiency, this workshop will encourage the trainer to rethink the traditional exercise programs we may be using without thinking of what we are saying to our clients. Learn new ideas and approaches that will increase your potential as a trainer. Upper and lower body exercises using various protocols are demonstrated and discussed.

Integrated Movement Screens and Assessments

Developed with physical therapist Gray Cook, this program is the first one to teach personal trainers how to better assess the quality of movement. Integrated movement screens and assessments look at a balance of mobility and stability. Trainers will learn how to better "see" muscle imbalances, and what that might mean for the individual client. Corrective exercises are presented to help re-establish proper motor patterns and firing sequences to restore healthy range of motion and exercise success.

The Concept of Program Design: Advanced Level

Using the multi-dimensional, structural integrity protocols of both Reebok Reactive Neuromuscular Training [Level #2] and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Patterns & Techniques, this Workshop will outline the step-by-step process of how to utilize a client's musculoskeletal assessment to quantify both the program design and training progression processes.

The Training Manipulation Matrix

The program attendees will learn how to optimally manipulate 37 different acute program training variables that will (1) enable each Personal Trainer to minimize the potential for their clients to encounter the "plateau training effect" and will (2) provide each Personal Trainer with the ability & skill sets to continually maintain their clients training progressions that will result in continual physiological adaptations.