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Integrated Stretching

Annette first started developing this workshop in 1996, the concern being the level of competence and safety in incorporating flexibility training into the personal training programs. This program was originally 10 hours long, and was quickly incorporated into personal training programs around the country. Organizations including Crunch, Equinox, CSI/Wellbridge, and many others have made it part of the personal training progressions for advancement within the company.

This program focuses on:
  • Basic definitions and science of flexibility training: the role of the neuromuscular system in stretching. PNF, muscle spindles, golgi tendon organs are reviewed.
  • Assessment: what do you see and how do you determine the goals of the program. Assessing "normal" range of motion and whether your client needs stretching or perhaps strengthening or stability or mobility instead. Assessing imbalances between the right and left sides
  • Demonstration of contract-relax stretching protocol
  • Participants spend most of the workshop doing assessments and practicing the stretching technique on major muscle groups of the body.
  • Selling stretching: how to effectively communicate to the clients about the benefits of flexibility training.
This 6 hour workshop will be followed by an additional 6 hour workshop, focusing on:
  • active-assisted stretching protocol
  • self-myofascial release using foam rollers
  • self stretching using contract-relax and active-isolated
  • tips on incorporating stretching protocols into current personal trainer certification guidelines
Course includes workbook, completion certificate, and 6 hours continuing education credits.

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