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My Favorite Bartender Workout

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I am a personal trainer. I teach personal trainers. I love to work out. Most people hate to work out. Most people don't work out. Many people would rather drink beer. I am a beer drinker. I go to bars. I have friends who are bartenders. Sounds like a perfect match, right?

  • Each exercise is named after one of my bartender friends
  • The personality/energy/demeanor of the bartender determines how I named an exercise after them.
  • Each exercise can be done at different levels
    • Flight: a taste, an introduction to the exercise, e.g. "level 1"
    • Glass: an increased effort; a solid serving, e.g. "level 2"
    • Pint: a more substantial amount; gettin' it done; e.g. "level 3"

Introduction to My Favorite Bartender Workout

The Exercises in My Favorite Bartender Workout

The Mary: has 2 parts. Mary is so damn happy all of the time.  She makes you feel so good just being there at the bar that it makes you want to move.  So the first part is a warm up or movement prep. Mary has lost so much weight in the last year or so that she can move and jump behind the bar much easier than ever before, and so the second part (or separate exercise) is a jumping/plyometric exercise.

The Drewgle: actually the first exercise of my favorite bartender workout.  Named after Drew, who is so soft spoken, that you have to lean forward on one leg to get a good angle to be able to hear what he saying.  The exercise is a single leg balance/reach, with an optional "what d'ya say Drew?"  It's named Drewgle because when you go on a trip with Drew, he is your google...drewgle.

The Gaid: the best bartender ever!  Why?  Because you have to tell HIM that you don't want a beer before another one magically appears in front of you!  Because you have to react so quickly, the exercise is a core; power exercise with quick changes of arm positions.

The Gerry: if you have a history of back problems, this exercise is for you!  Gerry is an awesome guy, but needs to watch out for his back, so this is a spine stabilization/core exercise.

The X: ever go into a bar, get greeted by the bartender, only to be ignored for what seems like forever?  Sure!  We all have!  This exercise is named after the one(s) who do that to you!  It's a crawling pattern because you are starving for a beer, feeling like you are moving through the desert until they finally serve you!

The Jaime: crazy in a great way!  Sort of erratic or chaotic training, this exercise is based on doing several movements in a row, preferably without stopping.  You make quick changes and keep going!

The Elijah: Elijah is a poet, a singer with this intense, heavy story.  Then it goes BAM!  and you get an orchestral-style verse of unbelievably beautiful music and song.  This exercise starts with a concerted effort for a single movement pattern, then takes that same pattern and makes it more intense and powerful.

The Dimitri: personal favorite as Dimitri's band played at our wedding!  He can get down there so deep and gutteral while singing the blues, that you feel it from the inside out.  This exercise is a breathing one, that you can incorporate into any other exercise, or use it as a stand alone to improve posture and performance.

The Justin: Justin does stand up, and writes comedy shows.  You just gotta laugh!  Remember being a kid and throwing a ball into the air over and over, and trying to clap more and more each time before the ball comes back down?  You just gotta laugh when you do the Justin!

My Favorite Bartender Workouts

Manhattan Beach CA
Riverside Park
San Francisco Pier
Introducing a Flight Level for My Favorite Bartender Workout - Jan 2014


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